lördag 7 april 2012

Storytelling 13: The symbol language of comics 2

Another example of how the comics language of symbols needs to work together with the drawings. 

In this picture, we're supposed to learn that Beetle hurts his back carrying a heavy load. That means it's imperative to show
a) that he's carrying something heavy, which is accomplished by showing how big the load is, and how heavy it actually is through his body language -- look at how he's leaning backwards to compensate for the weight of the trashcan;
b) that he feels pain, which is accomplished by his facial expression of pain and the "pain stars" emanating from his lower back, thus identifying the source of the pain. (This is reinforced by his words in the speech balloon, but that isn't really necessary. We've already been told this in the picture.)

You can't tell that story with just the pain symbols; you need to be able to do the drawing part as well, or you're just not a comics craftsman.

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