söndag 29 april 2012

Back from the comics cons, 2012 edition

First, there was Uppsala Comix on April 1st, where I met comics aficionados and did some shopping – a bunch of American stuff plus a very nice little piece of nostalgia by versatile artist Per Demervall. (Actually, he gave it to me. How sweet is that?) I also got a box full of comics collections from Ekholm & Tegebjer, but it was just too much work to pick it all up and take pictures of it, so you'll have to check out their stuff at their site instead. (I also did a little talk about comics storytelling, parts of which is resurfacing on the blog at intermittent intervals now.)

Then, yesterday, there was Serieteket's (The Comics Library) comics con in Stockholm, where I met a whole bunch more comics aficionados and artists, had some very nice chats with a bunch of them, and bought a lot of comics. Like, by Johan WanlooMalin Biller, artist and gentleman Jonas Darnell and my favorite Swedish comics creator, Li Österberg.

Seriously, if don't read her stuff, you ought to. Really.

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