fredag 27 april 2012

Back from the comics store, April edition

I will now swear in church and confess that I'm not a huge Krazy Kat fan. But, it is a classic, so of course I'm getting the first volume of this collected edition. I am, however, a huge Bone fan and am very happy to be getting the collected color edition. Happy to see three more classics in the Showcase series, and not only does the All-Star Squadron one feature great Jerry Ordway inking (even though I'm not a huge fan of Roy Thomas' writing) and the Spectre one feature quite a bit of absolutely gorgeous Neal Adams artwork, but the Avengers Essential volume has Jim Shooter's legendary story arc about The Enemy, in which in the end the Avengers call up everybody who's ever been anywhere near an Avenger and pack them into a bus, and then go to the suburbs to slug it out with the most powerful villain they've ever encountered. (I'm actually a bit reluctant to re-read that story, as I have such great nostalgic memories about it and don't want to risk ruining them.)

Plus, any comic book that has the Masked Marvel in it just has to be great.

(I also bought a ton of comics storage boxes. Space-saving, here I come. Once I can set aside the time to take my comic books off the shelf and index them, and sort them into the boxes, that is.)

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  1. Hi Göran!

    Since this is an english blog, I'll write in that language. I found no other way to contact you so here it goes.

    I've tried to find your translation of V for Vendetta everywhere but to no avail. I live in Lund and I was hoping you could tell me if you know anywhere where it could be bought? If nothing else, perhaps directly from you?

    Best regards,


  2. Hej Björn,

    jag har tyvärr bara ett ex själv. Butiken Prisfyndet i Uppsala hade ett ex för ett tag sedan och kan möjligen ha kvar det: