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Blogger ate my homework!

...so I have to repost my wonkish links collection. (This is an archive for my own benefit, so if your interests don't include American politics and economic/social policy, odds are you're better off skipping these links.)

 Tax cuts lose revenue.
No free lunch.

 DeLong's economic blogs.

 The effects of Bushonomics for the top 1 and 10 %, and the bottom 90%.

 Obama's house.


Comparing candidates' level of specificity.


Employee Free Choice: Democracy at Work.


 Krugman on Supply-side economics.

 Agencies that didn't believe SH had WMD.

 On Palin.

 The cleverness of Donald Luskin.

 Deficit causes: 42% tax cuts, 40% defense and security increases.

 Who went under and who survived vs regulation levels -- Dean Baker.

 Housing loans mainly for refinancing.

 Rove, Bush, & the minority mortgage meltdown.

 CRA not responsible for the financial meltdown.  See also. And.  And Westrich. And McClatchy. And Robert Gordon. And  here.

 Iraq war's costs in lives and money so not worth it.

 Führer Dönitz.

 Domestic, anti-abortion terrorism.

 Fannie & Freddie didn't cause the crisis.  Nor did CRA.

 Recession didn't start under Clinton.

 Card check and employee intimidation.

 Nordic countries, Canada & Japan also record very early births as live ones.

 Health care reform saves money.

 Delong on nonsense about Christina Romer.

 Amity Shlaes slapdown.

 Card check and union busting.

 Drudge falsehoods.

 Barney Frank and regulating FM & FM.

 Obama "getting his opponent thrown off the ballot".

 Actual New Deal unemployment numbers.

 Not Reagan's tax cuts but the interest rate cuts.

 Barney Frank supported stricter FM/FM regulation.  Also here.

 The myth about 70s scientists predicting global cooling.  Plus, George Will's an idiot.  TRULY an idiot.

 Phil Gramm doesn't deserve rehabilitation.

Barney Frank not opposing housing reform in 2004 and 2005.

 The NYT was right about the scientific debate on warming in the seventies.

 Secret ballot nonsense.

 Reagan's terrible environmental record.

Social upwards mobility among the poor in the US half of that in Germany or France, and one third of that in Sweden. Business Week, February 26, 1996, page 90.

 Cole & Ohanian nonsense about the New Deal.

 John Lott's hidden handgun & violent crime studies.  Mary Rosh.

What Barney Frank did.

 Joe Biden didn't plagiarize Neil Kinnock.

Federal revenue didn't double under Reagan, it increased 15%.

DHS document on Rightwing extremism, 2009. And  leftwing extremism, 2001. Also, Leftwing extremism, 2009.

US vs Europe productivity growth.

 Stiglitz: Iraq war will cost 3-5 trillion dollars.

Eric Alterman: Bush's war on the press.

 Mobility US vs Europe.

Why the Austrian Business Cycle theory is wrong.

Reagan and Kennedy tax cuts didn't pay for themselves.

March to Iraq war timeline.

 Tribute Swedish soldiers.

 HSI Network as GPO health care experts.

 Torture deaths.

Right-wing terrorist plots.

 Stimulus at work links.

 Krugman on weak economy, Japan and housing bubble in Aug. 2002.

Why warming lags CO2.

The US can grow itself out of debt.

Factcheck on the swiftboaters.

California taxes not all that high.

 Chait crushes Berkowitz on Obama's promises, health care and the economy.

 Brad DeLong on the recession size and stimulus effects.

Running some realistic numbers on high speed rail.

 Inheritance of inequality: wealth, race and schooling are important to the inheritance of economic status, but IQ is not a major contributor and, as we have seen above, the genetic transmission of IQ is even less important.

 Bush policies projected to lead to $1.2 trillion deficit.

 Krugman vs. Okrent.


 Visual rhetoric course.

Rush Limbaugh's racially charged remarks.

Superfreakonomics don't understand climate science.

Debunking the Eurabia myth.

US Iraq War Resolution.

 Econometrics problems -- abortion legalization & murder rates, concealed carry & violent crime, etc.

 Johnson decreased poverty.

 Harald Edelstam.

 Republican obstructionism on jobless money: three filibusters unless anti-ACORN amendment.

 Myths about the stimulus bill.

 Fact-checking Sarah Palin.

Hate crimes increase.

Origins of California's  budget problems, and of the  anti-immigrant Republican strategy.

Al Gore not guilty of inaccuracies and exaggerations.

President Obama isn't teleprompter-dependent.

Much of FY 2009 spending increases a result from legislation enacted in calendar year 2008.

Ronald Reagan raised taxes.

The only way to travel.

 Karl Rove’s Factually Challenged Housing Revisionism -- excellent.

No, it wasn't just, or perhaps even mainly, the surge.

Dean Baker eviscerates David Brooks. It's beautiful.

Evidence of manmade global warming.

Army suicide rate increases 2004-2008.

A debt reduction plan.

On every major measurement, the Census Bureau report shows that the country lost ground during Bush’s two terms.

Robert Samuelson's an idiot.

Sources of the projected deficits.

 Peanuts as manga teens.

Tora Bora was a failure.

Progressive legislation dooming America throughout history.

1 000 000 Iraqi dead?

Republicans refused to negotiate on health-care reform.

Making German 9/11 victim look bad.

 Yemen brief: Instability = threat.

inheriting the recession that started in March.

Jobs, income and poverty during the Bush presidency.

Climate change om Mars?

Since commercial real estate was also in a bubble, blaming Freddie/Fannie/Community Reinvestment Act or predatory lending is false.

 Carter's speech established the strategic petroleum reserve, birthed the modern solar power industry, led to the insulation of millions of American homes, and established America's first national energy policy.

The Eurabia genre.

Rightwing myths and falsehoods about the Underwear Bomber.

 U.S. crime rates.

 Committee to save Social Security.
Brad DeLong  slays the Washington Post and the Fiscal TImes.

US contribution to defense not enough to explain how the Europeans can afford a welfare state.

The interactive map of Simpsons' Springfield.

WorldNetDaily's conspiracy theories.

Bush signed the American Dream Downpayment Act.

Scholars eviscerating "Liberal Fascism".

Case against New Black Panther wielding nightstick not dropped.

 Republican amendments to the Senate Health Care bill -- bipartisanship?
They had their chance.

O'Keefe's dishonest claims about ACORN.

Coward David Brooks held back his low opinion on  Sarah Palin.

Breitbart falsehoods about  ACORN videos. More such.

 Health care legislation not so  non-bipartisan.

Jonah Goldberg  eviscerated.

 Counting stimulus jobs proper and correct.

Obama's  excellent Harvard record.

Torture advocate Marc Thiessen  wrong about Abdulmuttalab, the Christmas/underwear bomber.
So are a lot of other  right-wing media creeps. And  again.

 Anti-abortion extremists and racists.

 Brad DeLong destroys the National Review.

Obama  didn't say that stimulus would end net job loss.

Bush reconciliation:  2.3 trillion in debt over ten years.

Donald Luskin is a  liar and an idiot. But  we knew that. More here.

Why  Lowry & Ponuru fail in their attempt to offer a comprehensive conservative manifesto.

 Glenn Greenwald slaughters the torture fans.

Right-wing attacks on  detainee attorneys.

 Predatory lending and the finance meltdown.

 More intelligent: Atheists, organized religion, non-literalists.

 Bush Admin Iraq lies.

Mitt Romney,  foreign policy genius.

Rove lies in his  memoirs.

Prisoners not waterboarded in the way  SERE training did it. No mere dunk in the water.

 Rep. Ryan's "budget fix" more wealth to the wealthy, no budget balancing.

 No consensus that Saddam had WMD -- see Jean Chrétien of Canada, Jacques Chirac of France, and Gerhard Schröder of Germany, for example.

 Hans Rosling's blog.

 Lew Rockwell and racially charged talking points.

Nothing in emails supporting Fox claim that  NASA's data "in worse shape".

 Reagan falsehoods.

 Veronique de Rugy's "study" that claimed that stimulus money went to Democratic districts is bogus.

Climate change skeptics' arguments  demolished.

Thiessen's  falsehoods.

DeLong slaughters  Austrian economics.

 DDT ban myth.

 Eric Cantor lies about Obama.

 Jim Gilchrist and the first amendment.

 Cold, detached president vs angry people.

 Keeping America White.

 Friends of Science.
More on Friends of Science.

Voter intimidation – Minutemen vs Hispanic voters.

Ronald Reagan quotes.

Modern racism, with  researched cases.

Effect of unemployment benefits on  unemployment.

European vs American  economic growth.

CIA, 2002: Iraq does not have  WMD.

 Stimulus effects.

Everything  Lord Monckton.

Energy subsidies  2002-2008 went to fossil fuels.

Reagan  raised taxes.

How to talk to a  climate skeptic.

Yes, it  is Bush's deficit.

Tim Wise on  conservative racism.

Saddam  not a threat.

Sherrod's audience's reactions  analyzed.

The truth about  Reagan's tax cuts.

Analyses and prognoses of the  Swedish economy. (Nordea)

 CBO: 3.7 million jobs from stimulus.

TARP and stimulus saved or created  8.5 million jobs.

Gore case  dropped.

 Anti-lynching bill.

 Nyamko Sabuni.

No, Mr. Beck, Jefferson  didn't sign documents "in the year of our Lord Christ".

The Laffer curve bends  where?

When government industrial policy  works: the more it is in step with a national or local economy’s comparative advantage, when it follows rather than tries to lead the market, when a government is dealing with areas where it has natural interest and competence, such as military technology or energy supply. The worst problems unfold when politicians intervene in purely private domains with short-term goals, bailing out old firms to save jobs or spending lavishly on white elephants.

Official development assistance, or  ODA, numbers. (Two ODA charts on file.)


9/11 books.

10 Republican lies about  the Bush tax cuts.

The Bush administration's responsibility for  the financial crisis.

Paul Begala calls out Ari Fleischer for his  lies.

For people needing sources of data:




Putting actual numbers into  the Laffer curve.

SD-kandidat  homohetsar.

 SD:s nazianstrukna kandidater och  religionsförbjudare.


"Many in the GOP  are racists".

 Hurricane tracking.

 Sverigedemokraterna unmasked.  Och här.  Rasistiska uttalanden  här.

It wasn't  Fannie and Freddie.

Disproving Barro on  stimulus efficacy.

The stupidity of Hayek's  The Road to Serfdom.

Stimulus money were  well spent.

 David Leonhardt: It's a good thing that bad insurers are driven out of business.

 Violence against women.

The Bush admin's  poverty record.

USA life expectancy low even when you take out infant mortality,  homicides, etc.

Tea Party  nationalism.

 Falsehoods basis for demands for investigations.

Tax cuts  don't pay for themselves.

No, they just don't.

Historical  budget data.

 Guns, God & Incitement

 Insurrection timeline.  Boehner's incitement.
Differences between  conservatives and liberals.

Jonathan Wells and  Darwinism.

The  Jack Cole blog.

 Ljungqvist 2010.

"Peaceful"  tea party member.

Where are the  thugs?

Conservatism is  bad for you.

Causes of the fiscal downturn  2009-2010.

Internal investigation  clears the DOJ Attorneys Of Wrongdoing In Handling Of NBPP Case.

No, no, no: Tax cuts  don't pay for themselves.

Lindzen, statistical significance, and  climate change.

Lies about  Social Security.

The Reagan tax cuts  didn't pay for themselves.

 Sharia bills.

Who is  Alex Jones.

Bush tax cuts analyzed.  Again.

Books about  Comics & Culture. Previous  report.

Paul Krugman on  surpluses.

 False equivalencies right-wing vs liberal vitriol.

Bush's lackluster hunt for  bin Laden.

 The real origins of the crisis.

 Heritage: Tax cuts magically creating growth retroactively.


 Tax cuts don't pay for themselves.
No, they don't, and economists agree.
They just didn't.

Fallacies II.

 No, Fanny & Freddie didn't cause the housing crash. Why do you ask?

 Reaganite delusions about "best growth".

Plus, old pics.

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