onsdag 25 maj 2011

...And back from the alcohol store, as well

In Sweden, the sale of alcohol is restricted to a) bars and restaurants etc. with a special permit to serve alcohol, much like in other countries, b) Systembolaget, the government monopoly for the retail sale of beer, wine and booze to the public. To shop there you have to be at least 20 years old and sober, and prices are kept high through alcohol taxes. The objective is of course to limit alcohol consumption, and it has had some success with that, but we Swedes still drink far too much alcohol. We're part of the northern vodka belt, with beer with one's food and the habit of boozing it up and getting really drunk for the weekend, but we've also imported the more Mediterranean/continental habit of winesipping and having a couple of glasses of wine with our food. Combined, these two patterns of behavior spell "Way too much alcohol", and it's a genuine problem.

Personally, I like big helpings of the things I like – like candy, soda pop, ice cream, comics and... well, uh, never mind. Anyway, that's a pattern of consumption that doesn't lend itself well to alcohol, so I drink practically no booze at all, and since I don't particularly like beer, beer's not a problem. I like the occasional glass of wine with my food, though, so when comics creator Lars Mortimer launched a wine label featuring his creation, the somewhat depressive (especially during hunting season) moose Hälge, I decided to try it.

Since I don't have any red wine-suitable food at home for the moment, I'll have to put off actually tasting the wine, but in the meantime, I'll just savor the beautiful label. Tomorrow, however, I expect to enjoy a nice glass of Hälge with my lunch pasta.

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