måndag 11 juni 2012

Matthew Forsythe: Ojingogo

A little girl is out taking pictures with her camera. The camera comes alive, and grows in size. A weird, bird-feeding creature is wandering through the woods. The camera has shrunk again, and is suddenly snatched from the girl by a tentacle from underground. Furious, the girl runs after it, only to collide with the weird, bird-feeding creature, which eats her picture and her bag, and intends to swallow the girl as well when the birds interfere and save her. She orders the creature to carry her to the hole in the ground where her camera disappeared, he does, and she's promptly snatched underground by a huge tentacle.

Turns out she's been taken by a huge octopus-like creature, which eats some roots that turns it small, whereupon the girl pounces on him, puts him on a leash, and starts dragging him through the weird underground world in search of her camera.

There's really no point in going any further into the plot, because it is really largely non-existant. Mainly, Matthew Forsythe, the creator of this largely wordless comic (and such words as do exist are in a non-existant language), uses it – or rather, the dream-like world he's created – as an excuse to offer a seemingly endless array of weird creatures and their metamorphoses.

Some critics love this, some are more "meh". Me, I'm a fan of plot-driven stories, and there's very little of that, so I'm landing in a position of being grateful that I bought this book on a sale and didn't pay full price for it. However, if the non-plot-driven, imagination-tickling, joy-of-drawing-weird-stuff thing is your thing, then this might be for you.

It's not for me, though, so I can't recommend it.

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