måndag 4 juni 2012

Back from the comics store, June 2012 edition

I almost read more comics last month than I bought today, but I think the second-hand ones (first picture) put me over the edge – although, in fairness, most of those aren't really comics but books about comics.

Looking especially forward to:

The José Luis Garcia Lopez book, as I know very little about him and TwoMorrows generally seem to produce excellent stuff (see, for example, their Bruce Timm book and their Gene Colan book – which I've read but not yet gotten around to reviewing);

The Black Panther Marvel Essential, as it contains Don McGregor's somewhat legendary take on the character, of which I've only read one or two issues before and which seemed to include mainly the hero getting severely beaten up again and again; and

Yoshihiro Tatsumi's Fallen Words, as what I've read by him has generally been excellent stuff as well (A Drifting Life, Abandoning the Old in Tokyo, etc.).

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