söndag 11 september 2011

Mattias Elftorp: Våra gator... ("Our streets...")

This is a 16-page mini-comic under Seriefrämjandet's Dystopi imprint. In it, Elftorp's heroine Information has taken some heavy drugs and hallucinates that she's flying during a "Reclaim the Streets"-type event. The police arrives to break up the event, and TV sets start raining down from the surrounding skyscrapers, putting a swift end to the police effort. The end.

The results, apparently a good thing in Elftorp's world.

Basically, the ideational content of the book is that a) it's right to take over the streets for what you want to do, regardless of what the authorities or other people inhabiting the city think or say; b) taking drugs will make you feel like you're flying, and doesn't have any discernible averse effects other than perhaps not being able to react quickly enough when the police arrives; c) using extreme, quite likely lethal violence against the police is A-OK.

In other words, it reads like a parody of violent and stupid anarchism, but unfortunately, Elftorp seems to be quite sincere. More's the pity.

Even though a questionable – to say the least – content can't be redeemed by a skilled execution, looking at the style to find something worth praising in this book, I find nothing. The art is sketchy and, to be honest, looks like crap, and the writing is ponderous and trite – "A powerful voice screams out its anger and its hope for fundamental change", which quite frankly isn't any more sophisticated prose than I'd expect from a moderately talented high school student.

So what you get is basically egotism combined with drug  propaganda and a vote in favor of extreme violence. Anti-recommended.

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  1. I'm not surprised to see such publication beeing done by Elftorp. I can't stand that guy.
    But I AM surprised that Seriefrämjandet is behind this! I wonder how their thoughts went when they gave this publication their blessing.