lördag 10 september 2011

Hate and fear as a business model

Shorter Bryan Fischer (Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association): "See, I'm only talking about the extremist Muslims. But no moderate Muslims exist at all. Thus, all Muslims must be under surveillance, and stopped at the borders."

"Why do these mosques have to be infiltrated and monitored? Because the mythical 'moderate' Muslims aren’t reporting dangerous Muslims to authorities in sufficient numbers to make a difference. By their silence, they are complicit in the deeds of others. 

Of course, most Muslims in America  do not want to blow up innocent people. They are not the Muslims we have to worry about. According to recent polling data, 81% of America’s Muslims do not support violent jihad. The disturbing truth here is that means 19% of America’s Muslims do. If there are roughly 6 million Muslims in America, this means that 1.2 million followers of Allah in the United States right now are perfectly happy with the prospect of innocent Americans being blown to bits in the name of Muhammad.

If there truly are “moderate” Muslims in the U.S., then job one for them is identifying and reporting these 1.2 million ticking time bombs to authorities. If they won’t, then we must monitor them all.  (...)

On my program this week, retired Gen. Jerry Boykin, one of the original Delta Force members, said clearly that we must secure our borders to deal with the threat posed by Muslim immigration and we must stop the building of mosques. He believes that Islam has no First Amendment protections because it is not a religion so much as a totalitarian ideology that is utterly hostile to Western values."

Note also how for Mr. Fisher, when one Muslim is guilty of something, if other Muslims didn't discover his crimes and turn him in, they're all guilty. Anybody care to apply that particular form of jurisprudence on their own nationality, or ethnic or religious group?

No, I didn't think so.

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