onsdag 18 januari 2012

Grin and Bare It! #s 2, 12 & 13

Now, far be it from me to complain about pictures of scantily clad or even nude women. Seeing as how I don't really think there is anything more beautiful in the world than the female form, it would be pretty hypocritical of me to pretend that I dislike watching it. However…

…as with practically everything else, a lot depends on how it is done.

Grin and Bare It! is essentially 48 pages of one-page gags, most of them old bawdy jokes retold in comics form. That's the first problem – not only are plenty of the jokes old enough that I've heard or read them before, they're also usually not all that great. They're thus in dire need of the boost a pretty, nude girl can offer. The second problem, however, is that those pretty, nude girls aren't all that common, because the various artists (which are more than a dozen) aren't usually good enough to really heighten the gags. One problem is that while the girls certainly are curvaceous, they're not in the elegant sort of cartoony style they'd really need to be, and the artists too often can't offer the nice flow of action and natural body language that the cartoony style really should allow them to capture.

So basically, Grin and bare It! fails the funny criterion (not totally, there are some chuckles to be had, just not all that many of them; especially when compared to really funny comics), and also the beauty criterion – with one big exception: Dany.

Dany started out in the comics business with the famous writer Greg, doing the kids' comic Olivier Ramenau, which quickly went from "fairy tale-ish" to "funny adventure with almost inappropriately hot female characters" He's done realistic comics as well, like Histoire sans héros with veteran comics scripter Van Hamme, but I'd guess he's best known for his erotic comics, which are funny and with plenty of incredibly hot cartoony girls.

I'd be quite prepared to recommend a Dany book just because he's such an elegant artist, but there just isn't enough of his stuff in Grin and Bare It! for it to merit a recommendation. You want erotica with a smile, Phil Phoglio's XXXenophile Tales still reigns supreme (though that's hard-core, of course, not just a bit naughty).

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