onsdag 24 augusti 2011

My t-shirts, part 45: Royal Sound-Ranging Platoon

OK, so it's a sweater and not a t-shirt, but it still has a funny picture, drawn by the brother of one of the guys in the Royal Sound-Ranging Platoon from when I did my military service at the artillery regiment A4 in Östersund. I was a bit worried beforehand what the officers would be like, but it turned out they were pretty much like most people – some good, some not so good, the occasional idiot – only somewhat more knowledgeable about military matters. When I much later started my Home Guard career, I had the chance to meet more Swedish military officers and learn a bit more about them than I did when I was 19-20.

Turns out they're still like most people – some good, some bad, the occasional idiot – but they're usually very good at their job. I have a lot of respect for the Swedish officer corps. They know their stuff.

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