lördag 30 april 2011

I did this!

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  1. Hi, my name is Ger Apeldorn. As a Beetle fan, you may know of my blog The Fabulous Fifties (www.allthingsger.blogspot.com) which has a lot of Beetle (and other Walker strips) scans you may want to check out. I am also editor at the Dutch comic magazine Eppo, where we publish the new Beetle strips. I understand that the last few years new gags have been made for the Scandinavian magazine(s), supposedly drawn by Neal Walker. I have mailed with Brian Walker (a good friend through our shared interest in old comics) and we have permission to publish those 'new' gags. They would be very suited for Eppo. The style is similar to the style of the last few years, the gags may be a bit more bold and well, who knows how long Mort Walker himself will be with us. Brian gave me an email adress for one of the editors, but that didn't get a reply. Can you help and/or inform me? You can reach me at geapelde at euronet dot com.